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In Corten Dental Elite, we believe that the future of dentistry is based on innovation and new technologies. It provides effective treatment, and it is very comfortable for the Patient! Patients expect treatment in friendly environment. We can ensure this, which is why patients’ are happy to visit our clinics. In order for our patients to be able to enjoy themselves and smile freely, we are building dentistry for the 21st century. 

We treat each Patient individually. We provide comprehensive treatment and coordinate the entire treatment process. The Patient gets at his disposal Patient Consier who supervises and helps to implement his treatment plan. It is a support for the Patient. 

First of all – precise diagnostics. The first step to starting treatment is to get the plan of the expectected effect for the Patient. We perform the necessary diagnostics to make a comprehensive treatment plan.


Is a collection of medical procedures and tests that will help to create a treatment plan that takes into account all the necessary aspects of the Patient’s health and lifestyle. Diagnostics include:

panoramic radiograph

CBCT computed tomography of the maxilla and mandible (depending on medical procedures)

3D scan of the maxilla and mandible

12 shots of dental photography

Each dental program contains:


excellent diagnostics

a comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan

clear costs

visualization of the design and treatment effect

high-quality dental hygienization with motivating hygiene instruction

individual selection of products for home oral hygiene

Our doctors

Our team consists of qualified specialists. They cooperate with each other to obtain the best possible treatment effect for the Patient. They are people with many years of experience in their profession and a high sense of aesthetics. Their class is evidenced by repeated positive opinions and recommendations of our Patients.

If You want to use the help of various specialists all dental specializations in Corten Dental Elite is in one place. You can benefit from the prevention and care of general dentistry specialists, as well as advanced treatment, i.e. surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics or implantology.

  • dr Agnieszka Sikora
    dr Agnieszka Sikora
    dentist, prosthetist
  • dr Paulo Malo
    dr Paulo Malo
    dental surgeon, implantologist
  • dr Magdalena Tomasz
    dr Magdalena Tomasz
    dentist, orthodontist
  • dr Nuno Rebordao
    dr Nuno Rebordao
    dental surgeon, implantologist
  • dr Stanislaw Seniuk
    dr Stanislaw Seniuk
    dentist, endodontist

High quality equipment

  • dental microscope Carl Zeiss
  • 3 Shape Trios intraoral 3D scanner
  • computer anesthesia
  • CBCT computed tomography
  • Digital Smile Design program
  • diagnostic multimedia stand

Patient’s stories

At your request, we can organize your entire stay in Poland. We will rent a hotel, plan free time, sightseeing or participation in any cultural event.

Old Town in Warsaw – the Paris of the North and the residence of the Kings

Warsaw has many unusual and picturesque spots. The Old Town is a unique and appreciated place, entered on the UNESCO list in 1980, not only because of its historic value. The oldest part of the city, which was demolished after the Warsaw Uprising, has been restored. Tourists standing on a special terrace admire the view of Pałac Pod Blachą, the Mariensztat housing estate, the Vistula River and the Royal Castle built in the 15th century – the residence of kings and presidents standing next to the square.

Perfect communication – close to airports and metro

Warsaw Chopin airport is in TOP 10 of the best airports in Europe in an organized competition by the Sleeping in Airports portal. This is the second of its kind distinction for the Warsaw port. It has been appreciated incl. for nice and helpful service, excellent signage terminal.

The Warsaw metro is one of the favorite transports of the capital’s inhabitants. This is undoubtedly the fastest way to travel around Warsaw. The metro has two lines, and one of them is dug under the longest river in Poland – the Vistula. At the Metrorail conference in 2008, one of the stations – Plac Wilsona – was recognized as the most beautiful metro station in the world.


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During Your stay in Poland, we want You to be able to take care of Your health in comfort. Just smile and enjoy Your stay! We’ll take care of everything! At Your request, we can organize Your entire stay in Poland. We will rent a hotel, plan free time, sightseeing or participation in any cultural event.