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Aesthetic porcelain (ceramic) braces
from 200 PLN

Straightening teeth with a porcelain braces   is a guarantee of discreet treatment and effectiveness. The model with porcelain locks looks very elegant and is appreciated by people who care about aesthetics.


Can orthodontics replace aesthetic medicine?

Orthodontic treatment is a non-invasive, fashionable method of permanently improving the appearance of the entire face through orthodontic treatment.

When straightening the teeth, the dental arch widens and, as a result, the facial skin becomes firmer and more elastic and wrinkles are reduced. We can safely say that the dental facelift has repeatedly replaced treatments with hyaluronic acid or botox. After all, a radiant smile has become an indispensable element of a well-groomed face.

More and more often, we observe spectacular effects of the treatment of malocclusion in famous actors, celebrities and influencers. Celebrities know that a good orthodontist will help them maintain optimal facial features, a youthful smile, and even improve the condition of their skin.

The fashion for discreet orthodontics came from overseas, and beautiful, straightened teeth boldly show, among others Justin Bieber, Emma Stone and Miley Cyrus. Polish stars who smile with pride after orthodontic therapy are Agnieszka Dygant, Katarzyna Cichopek, Marcelina Zawadzka, Roksana Węgiel and Monika Brodka.

What characterizes the ceramic (porcelain) aesthetic braces ?

Ceramic braces, like traditional metal braces, are made of ligatures, brackets and arches. This type of aesthetic braces is as effective as metal braces, and its brackets have a milky white shade that matches the shade of the teeth. Aesthetic, ceramic locks are resistant to discoloration and do not attract attention.

  • Remarkable aesthetics and quality
  • Efficacy in the treatment of advanced malocclusion
  • The option of complementing the therapy with a procedure in the field of aesthetic dentistry

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