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Crystal aesthetic braces (sapphire)
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Aesthetic fixed appliances enable effective and discreet teeth straightening. At Corten Dental Elite, under the supervision of experienced orthodontists, you will improve the aesthetics of your smile in fully comfortable conditions. Find out why it is worth straightening your teeth, no matter how old you are, and why many people choose fixed crystal braces.


The elimination of malocclusions helps to maintain the proper chewing functions, makes oral hygiene much more pleasant and helps to maintain the proper tension of the facial muscles. Due to the last point, orthodontics has come to be included in the area of anti-aging dentistry, as the correct positioning of the teeth prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Take care of your health and well-being

It is worth remembering that orthodontic treatment is not only an aesthetic effect – it often turns out to be an antidote to chronic headaches. By straightening your teeth, you will relieve the temporomandibular joints and get rid of the tension that is often responsible for troublesome head, neck and shoulder pains.

People who think about wearing braces are often ashamed of their smile or slurred speech. Properly conducted orthodontic treatment will allow you to get rid of blockages in social relationships and regain self-confidence.

Teeth braces not only for teenagers

Poles’ awareness of the benefits of orthodontic treatment has increased significantly in recent years. Wearing a braces   is also a trend among adults and mature adults, and not as it used to be the domain of teenagers. Patients 40+ and 50+ choose discreet braces more often, and teeth straightening is no longer a taboo subject. Doctors agree that any age is good for perfecting your smile.

What distinguishes the crystal (sapphire) aesthetic braces?

Crystal (sapphire) braces are very popular among people who value discreet straightening of their teeth. They owe their name to special, colorless crystal locks that perfectly match the color of the tooth. A characteristic feature of crystal braces is the rounded shape of the lock, which minimizes the risk of irritation. This is particularly important information for people who are starting their adventure with straightening teeth and are just getting used to the braces.

In turn, the bow is replaced during regular inspections. If you care about a discreet course of treatment, you can additionally invest in a white bow, which is almost imperceptible to the surroundings.

Sapphire braces work on the same principle as fixed metal braces. They also provide lasting results in the treatment of malocclusion, and the main differences come down to the aesthetics and the material used.

  • Invisible tooth straightening
  • Discoloration resistance
  • Highly effective operation

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