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Root canal treatment under the Carl Zeiss microscope
from 200 PLN

Activities with the use of the latest microscopes allow you to keep healthy tooth tissues intact. The healing process is faster here than with traditional methods.


Microscopic treatment

Microscopic root canal treatment guarantees high precision in diagnosing the condition of the tooth and in cleaning it. The microscope is the basis for creating a detailed treatment plan.

Our experts have high-class Carl Zeiss microscopes at their disposal. Such equipment allows you to see details invisible to the naked eye (e.g. cracks, micro-cavities or additional channels) and achieve very high accuracy, providing the patient with complete safety.

Widespread use of microscopes

It is worth remembering that dental microscopes are invaluable in many areas. They facilitate surgical work carried out with the use of micro-tools, are useful in prosthetics for micro-operations under veneers, as well as for filling and diagnosing caries.

Thanks to the use of specialized microscopes, electronic endometers or a digital X-ray machine, the dentist precisely determines the length of the canals and examines the inside of the tooth chamber. In endodontics, we also use liquid gutta-percha – a substance of natural origin, which thanks to its thermoplastic properties is ideal for filling the canals.

  • Equipment from leading manufacturers
  • Shortening the treatment time, even to a single visit
  • Safety and precision

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