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Fixed metal braces
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By undertaking orthodontic treatment, you not only change your smile, but you also rejuvenate and feel more attractive in your body. The positioning of the teeth determines the proper tension of the facial muscles, and numerous studies confirm that effective orthodontics has a positive effect on the delay of aging. Straightening teeth brings health and beauty benefits.


At Corten Dental Elite, we know many cases where effective orthodontics allowed our patients to free themselves from bothersome headaches or tinnitus. The elimination of bite irregularities also increases the comfort of eating meals and facilitates oral hygiene. Correct positioning of the teeth means less susceptibility to tartar deposit, less likelihood of caries and tooth abrasion.

For many people entering orthodontic treatment, their motivation is to improve their pronunciation. Diction problems, often a consequence of a malocclusion, are sometimes the cause of blockages in social and professional relationships. By improving your teeth alignment and pronunciation, you will gain freedom of expression.

Braces as a fashionable accessory and element of self care

The times when wearing glasses or braces were a cause for shame are long gone. Today, such gadgets are an interesting complement to the styling and a synonym for taking care of health.

Remember that modern orthodontics is available to everyone. Contrary to the common opinion, age is not a contraindication to the treatment of malocclusion. Every moment is perfect to improve your smile and the quality of your life, and orthodontic treatment will allow you to keep your teeth in excellent condition for many years.

Orthodontic braces are worn by people of all ages, and the examples are recognized by the stars recognized all over the world. The effects of orthodontic treatment were shown, among others, by Tom Cruise, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage and Katy Perry. On the other hand, in Poland, Maciej Musiał, Hanna Lis, Kasia Stankiewicz and Natalia Siwiec were eager to show up with the camera. Famous and popular ones prove that you can really look phenomenal with orthodontic braces.

Classic metal braces

Fixed orthodontic braces are valued for their efficiency and precision. It is a traditional, proven solution that can be used to cure virtually every, most complicated malocclusion.

Traditional braces are universally applicable – they reliably remove all kinds of orthodontic disorders, both in children and adults.

The standard metal braces consist of an arch and a metal lock that is attached to the teeth with a specialized glue. The bow and ligatures are interchangeable. Ligatures, i.e. special orthodontic rubber bands, are available in a wide range of colors – young patients more often choose colored ones, while older patients prefer white, gray or transparent ligatures.

  • Comprehensive dental services – before starting orthodontic therapy, we will take care of teeth healing and prophylaxis
  • 3 D scan – we will create a precise model of your dentition
  • We will select an orthodontic braces regardless of your age
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