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Root apex resection
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Apectomy is the last chance to save a tooth that is affected by extensive root inflammation. Thanks to the resection of the root apex, you can keep teeth that do not have vital pulp healthy. Thanks to the treatment, the doctor will remove the inflammation and the patient will avoid unpleasant symptoms such as pain when biting, fever or swelling of the cheek.


Resection involves making an incision in the mucosa in the area of ​​the root, and then cutting the apex of the tooth root. This type of procedure is most often performed on single-root teeth, such as canines or incisors.

How is an apectomy performed?

The purpose of the procedure is to remove the infected tissue that caused the inflammation. Periapical tissue inflammation occurs as a result of the body’s reaction to bacteria in the root canal. At the end, the canal is tightly filled with a special dental cement (the surgeon’s task is to clean the defect and seal the root canal tightly). If, as a result of apectomy, a patient develops a significant bone loss, the dentist can fill it with bone substituting biomaterial.

What are the indications for tooth resection?

  • This is a way to get to the source of infection and prevent the formation of cysts, granulomas, abscesses, degeneration of the pulp, as well as the removal of a dead tooth.
  • If a patient comes to us who has previously undergone unsuccessful prosthetic treatment (usually with crown-root inlays) or endodontic treatment in another clinic.
  • When there is no possibility of root canal treatment due to a specific anatomical structure (e.g. through a canal that is too narrow or curved).
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