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Transparent aligners
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Simply Smile Aligner’s transparent overlays are the perfect solution to improve the aesthetics of a smile in a very discreet way. Convenience and quick results – these are the distinguishing features that make invisible braces a real hit.


What will you love invisible orthodontics for? What will you love invisible orthodontics for?

  • Discreet effect – orthodontic overlays are invisible – no one will notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Fast treatment results – in the case of straightening single teeth, the therapy can be fully successful after just 3 months. The average time for straightening teeth with the use of trays is 7 months.
  • You will gain time – the effects of wearing a transparent braces appear after a few weeks. You do not need to go to the orthodontist regularly to adjust the braces, which is the case with traditional solutions. After the initial examinations are completed, we are able to provide the approximate duration of treatment and determine the number of obligatory consultations.
  • Ease of use – our patients receive home delivery sets of overlays that they are able to put on and take off themselves. We are convinced that straightening teeth has never been so easy and convenient!
  • Comfort – overlay braces do not require changing eating habits and do not hinder oral hygiene – you only remove the overlays when you eat and brush your teeth. Using a discreet braces 22 hours a day guarantees the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Aligners are gentle and do not hurt the inside of the mouth. Discreet orthodontics does not limit anything – wearing the overlays allows you to play sports, work, study, sleep or travel – Patients do not feel that they are wearing an orthodontic braces.
  • Custom-made overlays – digital orthodontics allows you to create a precise 3D model on the basis of which overlays for our patients are made.

What distinguishes our overlays?

Personalization – you will receive an individual smile design and a model of aligners adapted to his teeth.

Clear rules of cooperation – after the diagnosis, our doctors present a treatment plan proposal. Thanks to this, you will know from the beginning how the metamorphosis will proceed and when the first visible changes in your appearance will appear.

Advanced technologies – we use 3D printers to make overlays, which are a guarantee of quality and precision.

  • Invisible overlays – visible effect!
  • Convenience – we will deliver the overlays directly to your door
  • Discreet smile correction
  • Before procedure Effect
    Effect o procedure

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